Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module 1 - Realising Who you are & Who you don't have to be
    • Here for a Life OR Business Mindset Refresh? This programme is for YOU. I guarantee you will FEEL & KNOW a difference in your life!
    • Welcome to Life Accelerator Introduction
    • Set up & Mind Mapping Life Layout Session
    • Activating the Real You, First Step.
    • Your Interests & Values + how they speak to one another
    • Course Summary & Accountability Checklist
  • 2
    Module 2 - Past, Present, Tomorrow - Which one do you spend the most time living?
    • How to Systemise + Implement your Toleration System.
    • Slamming the Expectation Fantasy.
    • Conversations in our minds compared to the outside world
    • Comparing our Purpose to Being Purposeful & Relieving all the Pressure
    • Time to Set Realistic Goals for our Life Mapping
    • Course Summary & Accountability Checklist
  • 3
    Module 3 - Time to join the Big League called, My Life
    • Script content for the relief of labelled Anxiety & Depression
    • Hammering & Resolving Inner & Outer Conflict (with ourselves and others)
    • Fessing up our Shortcomings & Backing off from our Emotional Defenses
    • Shall we conquer stress once & for all? I have a secret to share!
    • How, Who & Why we Forgive (it's like jumping rainbows once we find out!)
    • The Rise & Fall of Expectations (they never seem to go away!)
    • Course Summary & Accountability Checklist
  • 4
    Module 4 - Mindset Intensive Reprogramming (1)
    • Redefining Conditioned Habits (yes, yours too!)
    • Our Life Comfort Couch on Fire - How to ignite an ember and turn it into a steamy passion
    • Claiming the title of Life Author - let the chapter begin!
    • Course Summary & Accountability Checklist
  • 5
    Module 5 - Mindset Intensive Reprogramming (2)
    • Repeat What Works & Do the Follow Up
    • Say goodbye to control, forever!
    • Why roadblocks keep appearing & how to ride the car to freedom
    • Mirror, Mirror. What do you think of your view? (one of the best techniques EVER for moving forward is MIRROR WORK!)
    • Course Summary & Accountability Checklist
  • 6
    Module 6 - This is NOT a rehearsal, this is YOUR life!
    • Polishing your Life Chapter & truly becoming the Author.
    • Building life resistance without anger & resentment.
    • My SuperPowered Mindset is ready! time to choose the colour or your cape!)
    • Life Management System Schedule
    • My "other" maintenance for Optimal Life Management & Performance
    • Course Summary & Accountability Checklist
  • 7
    Module 7 - Surprise Challenges
    • Off Piste Here we Come! (a special "piste twist" just for YOU).
    • When the curve balls come BUT we are now ready for them!
    • This may test you, your values & even your beliefs. Shall we play?
    • Course Summary & Accountability Checklist
  • 8
    Module 8 - Fireside Chat & Grand Finale Celebration!
    • Camera, Lights & Action - the BEST days of your life! ps. what are you like at dancing?
    • Congratulations on your Life Accelerator Programme Journey! Grab a seat, let's chat for a bit..... Penelope x
    • Penelope & her Perceptive Perspective take on the Life Playground!
    • MORE! Life Accelerator Programme Maintenance & what now?
    • I just called to say I LOVE YOU!
    • Course Summary & Accountability Checklist