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    Penelope Hall

    Founder, Coach & Lead Facilitator

    Welcome! I am Penelope Hall, Life Development Specialist & Coach. Welcome and a huge thank you for being here. My own road to get to where I am now has been bumpy at times, so I get why you may be here, perhaps you are really truly stuck in life or just sparked an interest in some personal growth in an area of your life. Whatever the reason, may I take a moment to say thank you. I am qualified in the areas of Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Masterminding & Life Coaching/Mentoring. A LITTLE ABOUT ME. A left brain creative with an obsession for people. Living FREED is my EVERYTHING and the more people I am connected with, the happier I am. WHAT CHANGED ME? Society / Office work environment / Abuse & judgements. I became angry with life because I had lost ME + any FREEDOM. I was intense, defensive & unfulfilled. I WANTED TO FEEL STRONG IN MIND AGAIN.... As a young person I was working my backside off to travel overseas, which I ended up doing. I enjoyed a fabulous social life and my life was giving back to me 100%. I was extremely focused on my fitness, I ran half marathons, and was very fit not only in body but mind + soul. I didn’t succumb to social pressures of trying to be someone else apart from me. I was happy inside and out. NOW/TODAY. after all the growth I have done, I have never been more at peace and more focused with who I am and what I do. WHAT SAVED ME? Personal development, my refusal to give up, my openness, my spiritual and personal beliefs, Me. Am I still judged? You bet I am. Daily. MY WHY. So YOU do not ever feel alone, misunderstood, unfulfilled or angry about anything or anyone in your life, most of all YOU. Life will always be what it is. Sometimes fun, sometimes not. What’s my own secret to a happy & peaceful life to pass on to you? Find the right people, make better choices, create a nice living environment, be grateful, look after your mental health, be you & make time for you. Save your spot TODAY for your FREE 15 minute Life Consult & Strategy System, if you are unsure of what this is all about, or who I am. Or simply proceed with any of the courses on offer. Peaceout, Penny 💚


You have made the right choice, thank you! (click play for video)

Benefits of developing, growing, learning & knowing your Superpowers!

Change will only occur if we make the change! Or to put it another way, change nothing & nothing will change. So here's a thought for you,"become a student immersed in your own life". Embrace your strengths (we call them SuperPowers). How's that for a concept? I say, DO NOT MISS OUT on the glory that your life can be filled with, surrounded by the right people who, at the right time, will enter your world, in the right way. "Rut" will no longer be a used word in your vocab, it will not have meaning. Nor will anxiety, depression, low self worth. We replace non serving words & thoughts with words of strength, meaning, reality and love. No matter where we are, who we are and where we are going, we do not ever leave LOVE behind. It has a place in our personal and professional lives, it provides comfort, kindness and trust (if we place the meaning on it to do so!).

  • Inside our Mindset Mindfit Academy you will be learn realistic life tools to upskill your own "mindfit resistance" for when life throws you curve balls. Learn how to tolerate (or not) & what to do when you feel conflict & triggers welling up.

  • Alleviate or dismiss stress, anxiety + any anger.

  • Train your mind & truly understand the power it has to let go, release and transform.

  • Investigate into your life purpose.

  • Revisit your past & be thankful (not regretful).

  • Observe existing habits V's new ones.

  • Learn to talk yourself through fear. PLUS how to forgive yourself & others.

  • Understand the toxicity of self sabotage, judgement & comparison.

  • See your full potential + clarity like you have never known it to be, or never knew it could be.

  • Did someone say life is fun? Well, you are in the right place, it is totally our THING! #pjfunlaughter


Personal Development Courses for Everyone, from Beginners to the Seasoned Epic Student.

Course Inclusions & Expectations:

Our Mindset Mindfit Academy will include content suitable for all learning styles: Visual (spacial), Audio (Aural/Music/Sound), Kinesthetic (physical/movement) & Verbal (linguistic). Expectations are NOT set (unusual yes!). if you do the work and focus on being present and understand accountability during a learning process, then the rest is yours to excel at, at the pace you set, for your unique individuality. *NOTE* please let the team know if there is any key personal life area not yet covered and you are requiring support. It could be personal, for work or school and Uni. Life changes, circumstances are placed upon as often at a moments notice, no time to think and we crash, not knowing where or who to turn to. We are here to support in every way we can. Penelope & PJMMA Team x

  • Choose the course/s right for you, or try something new. #keymindfit

  • Weekly mindwork (written, verbal or visual). Plus "done for you" templates, fabulous articles & worksheet links.

  • Courses are designed to anchor & align your every day life into a clearer perspective, via checklists, reminders, affirmations.

  • Mindset Tools to Upskill your Human Senses, for work/life/busy balance (the juggle!).

  • Opportunity to re-write your life story.

  • Entry into our New Facebook Group PJ Freed Academy. For ongoing conversation, support & group interaction.

  • Q&A Group Conversations & Life Strategy System sharing (via Zoom)

Who's saying what?

Reviews & Testimonials.

“Penny genuinely cares about people and is passionate about helping others to find their 'freedom''. Penny's compassionate, open-minded and non judgmental nature will have you at ease and ready to openly embrace your challenges. ”

Kylie, Adelaide SAKylie, Adelaide SA

“I have enjoyed your Mastermind course & membership so much and it has supported and driven me when I really needed it. I am forever grateful to the universe for having us meet and become friends and be a part of your MM. My biz had really taken off in the last few months and I believe this has a big part of the foundations and confidence I gained in MM! Penny, I appreciate all your passion and energy that you put into MM and your own businesses, you are an inspiration to me. ”

Kristi, Adelaide SAKristi, Adelaide SA

“Penny is an incredible woman and one I’m lucky enough to call my friend. The way she works is incredibly powerful. But you must do the work. Peace. Love. Smile. ”

Kye, Victoria Kye, Victoria

“Penelope Jay....what can I say! I met Penny last year through a mutual acquaintance and since then I have never looked back. She has helped me deal with a lot of my self-love and confidence issues and I cannot thank her enough. This awesome lady is so caring, understanding, non-judgemental and she is always there for me when I need her. I could keep going on and on about how much Penny has helped me, but I would be here all day :-). If you need help with self-love, confidence, taking that first step in business, love or whatever, Penny can help. You won't regret it....I haven't!”

Donna, Adelaide SADonna, Adelaide SA

Bonus Mindfit Material

Implementing personal development in our lives for the first time is not real easy! Understanding concepts of old & new thought patterns, breaking old habits & introducing new plus realising some behaviours are the reason why you are where you are, all take time to sort through, and get some kind of clarity about. Sometimes we don't even know what it is we are stuck on or why. The value of something extra can really make all the difference to your learning content. It can disrupt a positive thought excavation (love this word!) into something WONDERFUL, over and above the courses you are undertaking. You will receive extra bonuses along the way, some surprises too!

  • I've got your back!

    Up to $500 value

    1 hour video consults with your instructor, Penelope Hall or any guest instructors we bring onboard, 1 hour walk n' talk (Adelaide based), 1 hour walk n' talk video (outside Australia), Mindset Mindfit e-Book downloadables & more!


  • What is Personal Development & is it for everyone?

    Nurturing (and understanding) your mind is an individual choice for young and old alike. We can read books, watch videos, go to live talks, listen to podcasts too. Each journey is unique as is the pace we set it to and our individual learning styles. During our human growth, our life journey as such, we resonate with some but not others, so it really is a personal choice, to even give it a try and take it from there. See how you go growing!

  • Are PJ events & courses safe?

    Yes they are. Whilst we may head out of our comfort zone now and then, your wellbeing and safety will never be compromised. Each part of these courses is suggestive only, based on the facilitators life experience and further education in personal development and psychology.

  • How do I get the best out of these courses?

    Once the decision has been made to create change in your life, or at the least just take a peek at what's going on for you, the focus and commitment required is paramount. Change does not come easy many a time, so to recognise that something requires a change, or a small tweak, we use our focus to get the job done! Some words which will appear during your time as a student in the Freed Academy are ACCOUNTABILITY, FOCUS, CHOICE, CHANGE, TRY, BEST, SUPERPOWERS, STRENGTHS, GREATNESS, MINDWORK, LISTEN, READ, DO.

  • How do I create change in my life?

    When we are feeling down in the dumps, lack of confidence, anxious, overwhelmed, angry and so on.... getting life together can be so very tricky and exhausting. Direction can be lost, and we feel lost with it. For the duration of being an active student within our PJ Freed Academy, we provide suggestions for change such as creating new habits, looking at what makes you happy and delving into what superpowers (strengths) provide the drive within you. We also look at passions, values and what may be holding your back from growing, moving forward and living life, your way, the way you may have looked at it a long time ago. Fears are also touched upon in quite some depth as we step back to where you have come from in your life, to let go of old conditioning and patterns you may have become accustomed to that are not serving you, and may even be causing you some pain or confusion. In turn causing you to feel somewhat stuck and in a rut. Be you feeling overwhelmed in a big way, or just lacking a new direction at this stage of your life, no matter your age, being the craftsman of your own destiny, really really is one of the best actions we can take.

  • Is personal development all doom & gloom?

    No way! Personal growth & development is enlightening, refreshing and yes, the odd slap in the face too. Never ever is it a doom and gloom. There may be tears yes, usually these are tears of relief or a really big ah ha! moment (a lightbulb moment). There is nothing more spine tingling than somebody who has broken through a fear which has been holding them back for too long. Sure, we may 'dig some to find some', but what if we hadn't how do we learn to let go, to carry on and to live with peace and fulfillment? (and sooooo much fun, laughter and love). Change is EXCITING! Life is THRILLING! We are all AMAZING! You may be saying YIKES! to all of this, you may not be in a rut even. Imagine learning something new though, something so eye opening, it added a new dimension to your life, to your existence & relationships. Even if you just meet some new faces, new connections and venture in to new conversations. Diversity, options, choices, fun, superpowers (yes, these too!).

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